Gavin Wilkinson is the owner operator of Xterminator, the pest control specialists working in the wider Auckland area.


Gavin has worked in the pest control industry most of his working life. He started Xterminator in 2009 and has since then undertaken many major pest control jobs for government departments, including the Department of Corrections and the NZ Defence Force, along with many large agricultural and horticultural clients, commercial and residential clients


Gavin and Xterminator are approved and licensed handlers of chemicals and fumigants used for pest eradication, including Vespex, the new bait designed for the control of wasps.


He is fully licensed for firearms use, including extra endorsements, and works in with the police when firearms are required for pest extermination.


Gavin and the team have comprehensive first aid training and put in place strict health and safety protocols on every job undertaken.


Xterminator works with a wide range of clients, including residential and commercial, and is the specialist pest extermination firm when it comes to clearing rural areas of large and small vermin.

Licensed Operator for Vespex

Cost-effective wasp control over large areas is now a reality with Vespex® ‒ a bait designed specifically for the control of Vespula wasp species (yellow jackets). There is no requirement to find the nests, as the wasps gather the bait from Wasptek™ bait stations and carry it back to the nest. The wasps then share the bait around nest-mates, including the queen, quickly destroying the whole colony.


Vespex® is not at all attractive to bees, and is of very low risk to birds, pets and people. The bait does contain an ecotoxin though, and there are some strict stewardship controls in place to ensure that the bait is used in a way that does not present a threat to the environment.